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Respiratory Clinic and Adaptive Services at HealthCore Clinic

Apr 17, 2020

HealthCore Clinic is one of the 5 Community Health Clinics in Sedgwick County working together to offer much needed respiratory and adaptive services to Wichita Area residents in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a press release and statement issued by the Sedgwick County Health Department, it states,

“The COVID-19 virus attaches itself to receptors of healthy cells in the body, especially those in the lungs. This can create or amplify pre-existing conditions of respiratory issues for infected individuals that range from mild to severe symptoms. Many people infected with the COVID-19 virus are experiencing respiratory issues not deemed to require hospitalization, however, they do require medical attention despite being instructed to self-quarantine. Patients without an established relationship with a Primary Care Physician have struggled to receive the respiratory care they need.”

The press release goes on to say,

“The Community Health Clinics of Sedgwick County have created specialized Respiratory Clinics to meet this demand and include COVID-19 Screenings, Testing and Recovery Support; as well as support for Asthma, Allergy, and other respiratory concerns. The clinics have each developed adaptive services such as curbside screenings, emergency dental procedures, remote behavioral sessions, pharmaceutical delivery, and telemedicine. The minimum fees for these services range from free to $25 and are open to anyone regardless of financial situation or lack of health insurance. Fees for other services are based on income and ability to pay.”

Some of the adaptive services HealthCore Clinic has developed include:

Teresa Lovelady, President and CEO of HealthCore Clinic, states,

“It is important that we provide a collaborative safety-net that will not allow anyone in our community to ‘unnecessarily’ fall through the cracks during this crisis. The Coronavirus is disproportionately impacting our communities of color so we must take care of each other and seek medical attention immediately if needed.”

If you or someone you know requires respiratory services not needing hospitalization, please call us at (316) 691-0249 to schedule an appointment first since walk-ins are not allowed at this time for safety reasons. Services are based on a patient’s income, we accept most insurances including Medicaid and Medicare, and we see patients without insurance.

We recognize that while there is a spotlight on COVID-19 right now, the regular needs of the community need to be addressed as well. This is why we are rolling out adaptive services like TeleMedicine via our Patient Portal App, so we may continue to meet your medical, behavioral, and dental needs during this time of crisis. As summarized in the press release by the Community Health Clinics,

“This is a community effort and it is everyone’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and recommendations to keep our neighbors healthy. It is our goal that all residents of our community have access to quality and compassionate help during this crisis. We are here now and will be here in the future to take care of the health and wellbeing of our community.”

For the full press release and details, please see below.