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Dental Care

Each HealthCore patient receives the personalized care, peace of mind, and comfort they deserve.

Every patient’s needs are unique. Whether it’s fear of dentistry or financial concerns, whatever your barrier to accessing dental care, we’re here to help you overcome it.

How We Help

We believe the best dental care considers not only the mouth but the whole body.

As an integrated health clinic, HealthCore helps patients get a comprehensive picture of their overall health. Our dental services include everything from exams, cleanings, fillings, and crowns to root canals and oral cancer screenings.

What to Expect

A Little Different

A dental visit at HealthCore may be different than what you’ve experienced before.

Though each client has unique needs, you can expect the following at a dental visit to HealthCore Clinic.

  1. Check InOne of our caring Dental Assistants will meet with you to go over any concerns or questions you may have, as well as gather some basic vitals, like blood pressure, weight and height.
  2. Dental Cleaning and ExamIf necessary, your teeth and gums will be gently cleaned before our dentist conducts an exam and may take x-rays, looking for any additional treatment needed. If further treatment is needed, the dentist will explain the procedures he or she recommends, and help determine if the need is more immediate or can be scheduled at a later date.
  3. Integrated Care BenefitWe believe the best dental care considers not only the mouth but the whole body. So our integrative care team—including both medical and behavioral health professionals—may meet with you briefly to address any other health needs you may have. A HealthCore visit may be different than what you’ve experienced before, but it’s because we’re committed to providing the best care for you.
  4. Follow UpAfter your visit is complete, a member of our team can help you schedule your next appointment, determine the amount due, if any, and answer any additional questions you may have.


Healthcare for All

Financial concerns should not be a barrier to receiving high-quality healthcare services.

We accept most insurance, offer sliding scale fees, discounts, and Care Coordinators to help.


Gorgeous Facility

Excited to Go Back

So Much Easier

“The entire team is so nice, they are great with kids, and the facility is the nicest I’ve seen anywhere — it is state-of-the-art! I highly recommend HealthCore Clinic.”

“I took my kids in for our first appointments at the new dental department. I am excited to go back and so thankful to everyone at HealthCore for a great experience for my kids! Wonderful staff and beautiful facility. Great asset to the community!”

“On a patient’s first visit they have psych and dental come in for a consult after the regular med doctor. They were able to offer us a large discount on my husband’s dentures since we don’t make much money. They also have an in-house pharmacy with great prices which makes things so much easier.”

Ryan Gates
HealthCore Medical Patient
Kate Van Steenhuyse
HealthCore Medical Patient
Meghan Little
HealthCore Medical Patient