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Summer Camp Physicals and Immunizations

May 13, 2021

Summer is just around the corner and that means summer camps and activities for kids in 2021. Most summer camps will require a physical before kids can attend. A camp physical screens for pre-existing medical conditions that might put your child at risk while taking part in typical camp activities.

The American Camp Association (ACA) requires that at minimum campers be immunized against tetanus, mumps, measles, rubella, polio, pertussis (whooping cough), and diphtheria to prevent the spread of these diseases. Summer camp immunizations requirements vary by camp — check your child’s camp requirements before scheduling youth physicals. While most camps do not require kids to have received the COVID-19 vaccine to attend, it is strongly encouraged now that children age 12+ can get vaccinated from COVID-19.

Summer camp and other summer activities can expose your child to allergens that can trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. A camp physical is a good time for your healthcare provider to review your child’s general health, pinpoint potential hazards, and recommend any necessary precautions, treatments, or medications.

To ensure that you have enough time to update the required immunizations, or take care of any possible medical concerns that may be discovered, you should complete your child’s summer camp physical long before the date he or she will be attending camp or organization.

Annual Physicals vs Sports Physicals

There is a difference between sports and annual physicals. A sports physical focuses on determining whether a child is safe to participate in a particular sport or physical activity. A sports physical is important because it can assist in determining if a child has health problems that may interfere with their sports participation.

Annual physicals, your child’s healthcare provider will check your child’s overall health, often including things that are not related to sports. You can often schedule both types of exams during one appointment.

Both an annual physical and sports physical can be completed during your child’s KAN Be Healthy Screening or Child Wellness Exam. KAN Be Healthy (KBH) is a Medicaid program for children, teenagers, and young adults. Everyone who is 20 years of age or younger can take part in the KBH program. There are four KBH screenings:

KBH medical screenings are encouraged for birth, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months, then each year from ages 3 through 20. The KBH screen follows the early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment guidelines and is considered an important tool in preventive health care and developmental screening.

CDC Summer Camp Guidance

CDC rolled out guidance outlines strategies for camp programs can use to maintain healthy environments and operations, lower the risk of COVID-19 spread in their programs, and to help prepare for when someone is sick with COVID-19. Here are some key points for you to take into consideration to help protect your kids from COVID-19, reduce the spread of the virus, and have a happy & healthy summer experience.

Physical Exam Preparation

When you schedule a summer physical exam, be sure to bring along all required forms and any other necessary paperwork provided by the camp your child will be attending. The portions that need to be filled out by the parents should be completed prior to the exam. It is also important to bring your child’s medical records as well as their vaccine history for the provider to review.

On the day of the exam, make sure your child wears loose-fitting clothing and brings any necessary items, such as prescription eyewear, an inhaler, or an EpiPen. Your child should also be knowledgeable on how to use any required medical devices.

Parents should be ready to discuss new health issues or concerns with their healthcare provider during summer camp physicals. This is especially important in the case of injuries like concussions, broken bones, and sprains, as these could cause your child further harm if not taken into consideration.

Doctor Physical Exam

The main goal of a camp physical is to identify issues that could worsen a pre-existing condition and to see if there are any new conditions that might pose a serious health threat. A camp physical can prevent the passing of contagious illnesses from one camper to another, as well as give the healthcare provider an opportunity to provide useful tips that can protect a camper from injury or harm.

The physical will also ensure that the camp’s staff is on the lookout for issues related to your child’s health, safety, or wellbeing during the camp stay. For example, if your child has a history of asthma, he or she may be required to bring an inhaler to camp as a precaution. Any recent injuries, such as sprains or strains, should be noted by camp staff in order to limit your child’s participation in certain activities. This will reduce the risk of re-injury and added pain.

A typical camp physical conducted by your provider includes:

Patients must bring their vaccine history information in order for the vaccine review to be completed.

After Your Child’s Physical Exam

Once your child’s physical is complete, the necessary forms from the camp (provided by the parents) will be signed by the medical provider. In some cases, your child may require a follow-up exam, additional testing, or treatment for a specific medical problem. If necessary, these concerns will be addressed with you during your visit.

Once your child has been cleared by your medical provider, your child should be ready for camp! In most states, physicals are valid for 365 days.

Where Can You Get A Camp Physical?

Have you been wondering, “Who offers summer camp physicals near me?” HealthCore Clinic is a great place to get a camp physical in the Wichita area. Our medical providers specialize in KAN Be Healthy Screenings, Well-Child Exams, annual physicals, sports physicals and more. We take children’s wellness seriously because we know a healthy body and mind are the building blocks for our children’s future. We have many medical providers you can schedule an appointment with, we have an on-site lab for speedy results, and an on-site pharmacy to make filling prescriptions easy. HealthCore Clinic connects you with the quality family healthcare you deserve. Here you’re more than just a client, a customer, a patient—you’re a valued member of our wellness community. Our integrated, whole-body approach wraps you and your children in care. That’s our mission, our core. Caring for you and your family. Promoting a healthy community.


Q: Are there camp physicals near me?
A: Yes! Call us today to schedule your child’s summer camp physical.

Q: Are there sports physicals near me?
A: Yes! Call us today to schedule your child’s sports physical. We can do your sports and camp physicals at the same time.

Q: Is a Walgreens physical good?
A: In most cases, yes. At HeathCore Clinic, we conduct KAN Be Healthy Screenings and Well-Child Exams to track your child’s progress over time instead of looking at a single snapshot in time.

Q: Is a CVS sports physical good?
A: As above, yes, in most cases. We recommend getting your child a KAN Be Healthy Screening or Well-Child Exams to track your child’s progress over time instead of looking at a single snapshot in time.

Q: Does HealthCore offer free physicals?
A: We believe in healthcare for all. Financial concerns should not be a barrier to receiving high-quality healthcare services. We accept most insurance, offer sliding scale fees, discounts, and Care Coordinators to help.

Q: Are there walk-in physicals near me?
A: HealthCore Clinic requires an appointment, but in many cases, we can schedule a physical same day if you call us early in the day.