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Prenatal Doctor Visits – Scheduling and What You Can Expect

Jan 29, 2022

Why are prenatal care checkups important?

Regular prenatal care throughout your pregnancy helps to catch potential concerns early and reduces the risk of pregnancy and birth complications. As soon as you suspect you are pregnant, make an appointment with your medical provider or OB/GYN.

This article covers common topics scheduling prenatal care visit, what to expect at prenatal care doctor visit, prenatal care checkups, and questions for prenatal care visit.

Scheduling Prenatal Care Visit & First Prenatal Care Visit

Scheduling Your First Prenatal Care Visit

The first prenatal care visit usually takes place in the second month of pregnancy, between week 6 and week 8. It is important to schedule a prenatal doctor visit as soon as you suspect you’re pregnant and have taken a pregnancy test. Scheduling a prenatal care visit may require booking in advance, however, some practitioners will be able to fit you in right away. Certain medical providers and OB/GYN offices also offer an earlier “pre-OB” visit to confirm a pregnancy as soon as you think you’re expecting.

During pregnancy, regular checkups are very important. This consistent care can help keep you and your baby healthy, spot problems if they occur, and prevent problems during delivery. Typically, routine checkups occur:

Women with high-risk pregnancies need to see their doctors more often.

Searching for “Prenatal Care Wichita” or “Prenatal Care Doctors Wichita?HealthCore Clinic in Wichita, KS has a diverse women’s health team and prenatal care team including OB-GYN Care, Family Medicine providers, Wesley Family Medicine residents, and a Certified Nurse-Midwife (CCNM). We offer comprehensive checkups throughout your pregnancy to help keep you and your future baby healthy.

Starting prenatal care early in the first trimester can help give your baby the best start to a healthy future. In addition to our experienced and caring nursing staff, some of the services we offer as part of our prenatal care include:

To schedule a prenatal care checkup with HealthCore Clinic, call us at (316) 691-0249 or use our online contact form.

First Prenatal Care Visit & Questions For Prenatal Care Visit

Preparing for Your First Prenatal Visit

Once the date of your prenatal doctor visit is on your calendar, do a little preparation to make the most of your first prenatal care visit. If you are wondering what to expect at a prenatal doctor visit, these tips are a great way to help you prepare:

Find out about health conditions that run in your and your partner’s families. Learn what illnesses your family has a history of, so you can clue in your practitioner from the beginning.

Be sure to write down any questions and bring them to your prenatal doctor visit. In the excitement of that first prenatal appointment, lots of moms-to-be forget to ask the burning questions that have been keeping them up at night — so make a list of them beforehand (and don’t forget to bring it with you).

Check out our article: “4 Prenatal Care Tips for Expecting Mothers,” which covers some of the common questions expecting mothers have about pregnancy and helpful prenatal care tips such as:

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at Your Prenatal Checkup

Questions for prenatal care visit?

You will probably have a lot of questions regarding your pregnancy in your first prenatal checkup appointment. It is the doctor’s job to answer these questions for you and ensure you are comfortable upon completion of your prenatal care visit. Below we are giving you just a few of the most common questions asked in prenatal care visits.

  1. What lifestyle changes do I need to make immediately?
  2. What things am I at risk for given my personal history?
  3. What will the frequency of my appointment be?
  4. What vitamins do I need to take?
  5. What exercise can/should I be doing?
  6. How much weight should I gain?
  7. What about prenatal testing?
  8. What should I start considering to prepare my birth plan?

What To Expect at Prenatal Doctor Visit

What to Expect at Prenatal Visit

During your prenatal care checkups, your doctor may discuss many issues, such as healthy eating and physical activity, screening tests you might need, and what to expect during labor and delivery. Practitioners also have their own to-do lists for the first prenatal appointment. Here’s what to expect:

Many practitioners do a prenatal ultrasound during the first visit, which is an accurate way of dating a pregnancy. However, some doctors prefer to wait until a later, when there’s more to see.

HealthCore Clinic is unlike most medical offices you’re familiar with. Patients are more actively engaged in improving their health through a team-based approach. We encourage you to become a partner with your prenatal care team to manage your care. Be sure to keep all of your appointments — each one is important! Ask questions and read to educate yourself about this exciting time.