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Kansas Veterans & Second Chance Job Fair This Friday

Nov 10, 2022

Looking for employment? Come to our annual Kansas Veterans & Second Chance Job Fair at HealthCore Clinic on Friday, November 11, from 10 AM — 2 PM.

Our job fair is going to be full of exciting employment opportunities and will have resources for…

Employers are excited to work with us again to find the next great members of their teams. Resources include legal help, workforce tools, education, trade skills, support, and more!

How To Prepare

This is a great time to update your resume and job history. Here are some tips on how to prepare and what to bring to the job fair:

Extra Copies of Your Resume

Bring a few copies of your resume so you can hand them out to recruiters and employers. It’s always better to have too many copies of your resume than not enough. If you do not have a resume, that’s okay. Employers are interested in meeting you and talking to you in person.


If you have people who would give you a good referral to a future employer, bring a few copies of a printed list to hand out as well. You can also list your references on your resume. If you do not have referrals, that’s okay.

Supporting Documents

If you have certifications, trade skills, etc. it is recommended to bring those supporting documents as well if they are requested by a recruiter. If you are interested in expungement and want to speak with a lawyer, be sure to have copies of your record and any court documents in case they are needed.

Dress For Success

A good practice when interviewing or attending a job fair is to dress for the job. There are many different employers and industries at the HealthCore Job Fair, and attire is likely different for each of them. We recommend avoiding things like graphic tee shirts and articles of clothing that may deter an employer’s interest in you. At the end of the day, employers want to meet you and get to know you. So, dress how you feel best represents yourself in a professional manner.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are great tools for looking up information, showing examples of past work, and looking up information. However, when you are speaking with a recruiter the best practice is to silence your phone and put it away so your full attention is on the recruiter or potential employer. If you are going to use your phone to take notes, let the recruiter or employer know so they understand.

Energy & Enthusiasm

Bringing positive energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism are always best practices when meeting with recruiters and potential employers. Keep in mind, you may only talk to a handful of recruiters at a fair, but they may talk to hundreds. Bringing energy to an interview helps make you stand out, boosts their energy after standing and speaking all day, and shows you in your best light.

Where is the Job Fair?

The Kansas Veterans & Second Chance Job Fair is at HealthCore Clinic, located on 21st Street between Hillside and Grove. Enter through the main entrance on the West side of the building. The fair will be on the 3rd floor which is accessible via the elevator or stairs in the main lobby.

2707 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS 67214

The job fair is from 10 AM — 2 PM on Friday, November 11.