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TeleHealth Launches At HealthCore Clinic

May 02, 2020

We are proud to announce the roll out a comprehensive TeleHealth program through our patient portal and Healow App. TeleHealth allows us to continue caring for you remotely by using HIPAA compliant communications and video-conferencing tools. This means you can stay at home and still meet with your healthcare team to get the support you need when you cannot come to the clinic.

Your HealthCore Clinic provider can meet with you for a scheduled TeleHealth appointment through your phone, tablet, or smart device using our Healow App. Simply download the app and go through the step-by-step instructions from our tutorial.

We can meet with you for your medical and behavioral needs as well as do select screenings if need be for dental. TeleHealth appointments will be scheduled by our staff and a notification will be sent to you alerting you of this appointment by email and through the Healow app.

Benefits Of TeleHealth

To learn more about the Healow app and how TeleHealth Appointments will work, please visit our tutorial page to download and set up the Healow app.