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HealthCore Pharmacy Facts in Wichita

Jun 06, 2022

Finding a Wichita pharmacy that meets your needs doesn’t have to be a challenge. While there are many pharmacies in Wichita, HealthCore Community Pharmacy consistently is voted the best pharmacy in Wichita by our customers.

Many people know and trust HealthCore Clinic for medical, behavioral, and dental services. What many people don’t know is that our onsite pharmacy is open to the public, so you do not have to be a patient of HealthCore to get your medications from our state-of-the-art facility.

Conveniently located on the second level of HealthCore Clinic, our pharmacy not only saves our community members’ time, but it integrates closely with our patients’ medical team — direct communication between providers, patients, and pharmacists results in immediate processing.

As well, discounted medications are available for HealthCore Clinic patients through the 340B discount medication program, which may provide lower-cost medications.

Why Customers Say HealthCore is the Best Pharmacy in Wichita

Why Our Pharmacy is Important for Wichita

When HealthCore Clinic opened its doors in 1998, the focus was on prevention, education, and wellness as well as a vision to promote a healthy community regardless of one’s ability to pay. That vision has been the foundation of everything we do.

We recognized the need for a community pharmacy that provided access to Wichitans regardless of financial status or access to healthcare insurance. The area where we are located in an underserved community lacking services such as grocery, healthy foods, healthcare, and pharmacy services. Prior to opening our pharmacy, many of our patients’ closet options for medications were 3-5 miles from their homes without adequate transportation options.

As well, we understand that many people struggle to find pharmacies that accept KanCare and pharmacies that accept Medicaid. Financial concerns should not be a barrier to receiving high-quality healthcare services. We accept most insurance, offer sliding scale fees, discounts, and we have Care Coordinators on staff to help.

In 2016, we opened the HealthCore Community Pharmacy in our new building with the goal of ensuring everyone in the community had convenient, and affordable, access to medications.

At HealthCore Clinic, we recognize that the systems in our body are connected, so why should healthcare be fragmented? Our integrated care approach means that our clients have convenient, affordable access to improve their whole health and wellness — with medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy services all under one roof.

What Our Pharmacy Customers Have To Say About Us

Our patients and pharmacy customers love the convenience of our location, our sliding scale fees, and our medication discounts.

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HealthCore Community Pharmacy Saves You Time and Money

HealthCore Pharmacy vs Other Wichita Pharmacies

There are many pharmacies in Wichita such as CVS, Walgreens, Dillons, and Walmart to name a few. These pharmacies are part of for-profit corporate entities, and for-profit business models boil down to a simple concept: Increase profits and decrease costs. Meaning they seek to find ways to offer fewer services and charge more for them.

HealthCore Clinic is a nonprofit organization called a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We are a community-based facility that provides affordable, accessible high-quality primary care regardless of patients having insurance. We are not a corporate entity — we are a local Wichita pharmacy. We are here to serve YOU, not stock market shareholders.

Some of the benefits of the HealthCore Community Pharmacy include:

  1. SPEED!You can visit your doctor and fill your prescription at the same time, all under one roof.
  2. DISCOUNTSWe have discounted medications available for qualifying patients. The 340B Program enables us to offer federal resources and provide more comprehensive services.
  3. INSURANCEWe accept most insurance types, Medicaid, Medicare, CHIP, private insurance, and more. We also offer discounts and have Care Coordinators to help.
  4. EXPERIENCEOur friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you in many ways, including identifying medications and working with your doctor to get refills.
  5. EASY REFILLSRefills can be completed easily by phone using an automated system at your convenience, or you can speak directly with a member of our pharmacy team.
  6. CURBSIDE PICKUPIf you are unable to come inside or have limited mobility, we offer curbside pickup at our main entrance on the west side of the building.
  7. ACCESSIBILITYThe pharmacy has dedicated hours of operation that extend past the hours of the clinic.
  8. CONVENIENCEOpen to the public and conveniently located on 21st St just west of Hillside in Wichita, KS.

Find us on the second level at HealthCore Clinic

Pharmacy Location and Hours of Operation

We’re the local Wichita pharmacy that puts YOU first! Conveniently located in NE Wichita, Kansas.

Pharmacy Address

2707 E 21st St N
Suite 200
Wichita, KS 67214

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 7 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM
Sunday: Closed

Hours may change for holidays, any changes are posted on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. All current hours are posted on the pharmacy webpage.

Contact The Pharmacy

(316) 768-5922

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HealthCore Community Pharmacy FAQs & Wichita Pharmacy Info

Facts About HealthCore Pharmacy

Other Pharmacy Services & HealthCore Clinic

What Other Medical Services are Available at HealthCore Pharmacy?

HealthCore Community Pharmacy offers other services such as flu shots, COVID-19 vaccinations, and other vaccinations through the clinic. As an integrated part of HealthCore Clinic, the clinic offers full medical services (including primary care), full dental services, behavioral health services, and so much more.

HealthCore Clinic also has a Women’s Health Department, Children’s Health, an international clinic, healthcare insurance navigators, health education classes, a food pantry, and so much more!